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Head Office, 12 Ray Street South, Hamilton

Kenneth Lindsay, Principal Broker M08000340

Cell: (905) 570-5141
Email: kenl@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 101

Ken Lindsay

Ken Lindsay, Principal Broker & Owner, created Mortgage Financial Corporation in 1991. With over 30 years of experience, Ken has created a team of highly skilled mortgage agents and provides them with the necessary tools for successfully placing mortgages. Mortgage Financial Corporation has evolved into one of Southern Ontario’s largest “Full Service” mortgage brokerages. Ken has focused on creating a brokerage where the customer comes first and the main goal is positioning all clients to grow and prosper financially for a brighter future.


Max Lindsay, Agent M21000599

Cell: (905) 541-1041
Email: max@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 206

Max Lindsay

Max has extensive experience in the mortgage industry, thanks to his upbringing and learning from his father, Ken. Growing up, Max was a hockey player, competing all around Southern Ontario, and most notably winning the Memorial Cup in 2013. Max continued his hockey career and education at the University of Toronto's Rotman Commerce completing his business degree. After graduation, he worked in Real Estate Banking at Scotiabank, managing residential and commercial clients throughout Southern Ontario. He has a wealth of knowledge from underwriting various forms of real estate financing, including land acquisitions, land servicing, commercial and industrial construction, income properties, and residential construction projects. In January 2022, he joined Mortgage Financial Corporation and utilizes his expertise to help clients achieve their dream of homeownership by providing holistic mortgage advice.


Adrian Biccum, Agent M20000156

Cell: (905) 730-4446
Email: adrian@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 208

Adrian Biccum

Adrian is a highly experienced mortgage agent with MFCO. He is passionate about meeting new people and understanding their unique needs, always going the extra mile to ensure that his clients receive the best possible service. Adrian is known for his creative and innovative approach to mortgage solutions, always thinking outside of the box to provide exceptional value to his clients. His dedication and commitment to his clients have earned him many referrals from past clients, a testament to his ability to provide personalized and high-quality service.


Tracy Boult, Agent M08003031

Cell: (905) 818-8696
Email: tracy@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 102

Tracy B

Tracy Boult is an experienced mortgage expert with 18+ years in the industry. She began her career at Mortgage Financial in 2004 and has since gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, allowing her to navigate the markets and find the best solutions for her clients. She is adept in building relationships with underwriters, lenders, solicitors, and real estate agents, allowing her to offer a comprehensive service to her clients. Tracy enjoys providing her clients with options that best suit their current situations and goals, she understands the client's unique needs and preferences to make the perfect match for the mortgage products.


Louise DiDomenici, Agent M08004666

Email: louisemortgage@gmail.com
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 124


Louise joined the MFCO team in 1996 after many years of experience in the mortgage brokerage business.

Her previous position as a corporate assistant for a major Canadian real estate company, as well as studies in real estate and law, have served her well in dealing with business and residential clients alike. Louise, with a penchant for detail, enjoys analyzing her clients’ financing needs while seeking solutions outside the box and keeping their best interests a priority at all times.


Sandra Gill, Agent M13000086

Cell: (289) 439-1321
Email: sandy@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 108

Sandy G

With over 30 years of banking experience, including serving as a Branch Manager for Scotiabank in both St. Catharines and Hamilton, Sandy Gill has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer her clients. As an Independent Mortgage Agent with Mortgage Financial Corporation, Sandy continues to pursue her passion for helping families and individuals with all of their mortgage needs. In addition to her experience in banking, Sandy is also a Certified Financial Planner through the Institute of Canadian Bankers. Whether you're looking to buy your first home, upgrade to a new one, or consolidate your finances, Sandy will work with you with knowledge and compassion to get the job done.


Steven Hencze, Agent M09002425

Cell: (905) 818-8947
Email: steveh@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 109

Steve H

After 25-plus years dealing in finance, real estate and high-end art sales, Steven brings a wealth of experience to the table. He is very well-versed in private lending and residential and commercial mortgages placed throughout Ontario. Steven should be your choice for all your mortgage needs. When not helping clients, you can find Steven at music or art venues supporting local talent is his passion! Steven has been in many roles as a community supporter, including the board of directors for the Owen Sound District Chamber of Commerce, Chair Person for Big Brothers, Financial Director for the Northern lights festival and Board of Directors for the Bruce Trail Club. Steven always finds time to help where he can and welcomes your call to help you find a mortgage that’s right for you.


David Holton, Agent M18000883

Cell: (905) 466-4703
Email: david@mfco.ca

David H

David's background in business development and his passion for helping clients find the perfect product or service had always been a driving force in his career. However, it wasn't until he went through the struggles of purchasing his first home that he realized how similar his experience was to that of many others. He knew that with his skills and customer service expertise, he could help make the home-buying process easier for others. Thus, he utilized his 15 years of corporate experience and set out to help other home buyers navigate the process with ease.


Ryan Kish, Broker M13001794

Cell: (905) 928-3072
Email: ryan@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 116

Ryan Kish

Ryan Kish has a wealth of experience in the small business industry, having spent nearly 10 years as a multi-unit franchisee with a major franchise brand in Southwestern Ontario. In 2013, he transitioned to the mortgage industry by joining Mortgage Financial and becoming a Mortgage Agent. His background in running a small business made this transition a natural one for him. Ryan has strong problem-solving skills, which allows him to excel in offering custom-tailored solutions for all types of borrowers with fast turnaround times. He is able to provide a variety of mortgage options for the client to choose from, understanding that the structure of the mortgage must meet the specific needs of the borrower.


Caitlin McCarthy, Agent M17001334

Email: caitlin@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 201

Caitlin M

Caitlin joined Mortgage Financial Corporation (MFCO) in June 2015 as an administrative assistant, where she quickly learned the intricacies of mortgage brokering. Her experience in processing a high volume of complex applications, from client intake to underwriting and funding, has made her an expert in the field. Within her first year of joining MFCO, Caitlin successfully completed her Mortgage Agent certification, which has further enabled her to provide exceptional service to her clients.

She has built a reputation for being knowledgeable, solution-oriented, and client-focused. Whether you are looking to purchase, refinance, consolidate debt, or seek a second opinion, Caitlin is passionate about tailoring a home financing solution that is right for you. With her attention to detail and commitment to providing the best possible service to her clients, Caitlin is a valuable asset to the MFCO team and a trusted advisor when it comes to all things mortgages.


Cheri Muench, Administrator

Email: cheri@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 207

Cheri M

Cheri is an experienced Administrative Assistant at Mortgage Financial Corporation, with over a decade of experience in the financial services industry. She is dedicated to providing her clients with an exceptional mortgage experience. One of her strengths is her ability to communicate and correspond effectively with brokers, agents, underwriters, and other industry professionals. Additionally, she has a knack for taking complex financial information and translating it into clear, easy-to-understand language for her clients. Her outstanding customer service skills and attention to detail ensures that each client feels informed and reassured throughout the mortgage process, resulting in a positive experience for everyone. 


Grazyna Petrie, Agent M17001665

Cell: (905) 818-8368
Email: gee@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 205

Gee P

Gee has over 20 years of experience in the financial sector. Gee joined Mortgage Financial Corporation after a 19-year career with two of Canada’s largest banks, as part of the management team and a Senior Financial Advisor. Gee is experienced to provide lending solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Gee’s employment history enables her to analyze the client’s entire financial picture with customer service being the utmost importance.


Andre Semeniuk, Agent M08004524

Email: andre@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 202

Andre Semeniuk

With over 20 years of experience in the mortgage broker industry, Andre is a seasoned expert in the field. He began his career in banking at Canada Trust and has held several notable positions, including Lead Underwriting at Home Trust Company and roles in Training and Support as a District A.V.P for one of Canada's largest brokerages. He is a well-known figure in the industry and is often invited to speak at events such as the Canadian Mortgage Summit and has been featured in publications such as The Mortgage Brokers News and others.

Andre has built a solid reputation and business based on referrals. He has a wide range of experience in residential, commercial and private lending, allowing him to serve the needs of all his clients. He is also a frequent contributor to publications such as Business Week, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Global News and Toronto Life Magazine.


John Swiergosz, Broker M08002841

Cell: (905) 979-2103
Email: john@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 105

John S

John has over 25 years of experience in the mortgage industry. He is committed to building long-lasting relationships with his clients and their families by providing honest and exceptional service that meets their needs. His goal is to provide the best customer service by educating his clients on all of their options and treating their mortgage as if it were his own. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or an experienced purchaser, refinancing or renewing an existing mortgage, John's experience can help guide you through the process and finding the best mortgage for your personal situation. He offers a very personalized, boutique-style service, providing one-on-one attention to each of his clients, and always puts their needs first.


Luis Filipe Amorim, Agent M12001285

Cell: (905) 979-7256
Email: filipe@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521


Kristen Bernard, Agent M22003665

Cell: (647) 885-9469
Email: kristenbernardmortgages@gmail.com


Toni Fearnside, Bookkeeper/Receptionist

Email: toni@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 100


Vincent R. Formosi. B.A, Agent M13001627

Cell: (905) 317-5147
Email: vincent@vincentformosi.com
Office: (905) 529-2521
Fax: 905-525-9701


Ben Frank, Agent M18000352

Email: ben@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521


Lorahley Hardie, Agent M08004664

Email: lorahley@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521


Alex Harkins

Cell: (905) 802-0720
Email: alexharkins10@gmail.com


Courtney Hayman, Agent M22003444

Cell: (905) 617-0878
Email: Info@chmortgage.ca


Michael Humphreys, Agent M18000537

Email: Mikehumphreys29@gmail.com


Gauruv Lall, Agent M09001654

Email: lall@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521


Michael Leone, Broker M08006645

Cell: (905) 730-6540
Email: leone@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521


Melissa Levesque, Agent M20001812

Cell: (905) 537-9215
Email: mel@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521
Fax: (905) 525-9701


Ian MacPherson, Agent M22001167

Cell: (289) 684-0411
Email: Emagine80@gmail.com


Gloria Myers, Agent M20002176

Tel. (905) 330-7710
Email: gloria@gloriabmyers.com
Office: (905) 529-2521
Fax: (905) 525-9701


Anna Partington, Agent M13000824

Cell: (289) 931-0931
Email: anna_partington@outlook.com


James (Jim) Pasasiuk, Agent M08000232

Cell: (905) 467-4447
Email: jim@tmdc.ca


Louis Piriano, Broker M08000470

Email: loupiriano@gmail.com
Office: (905) 529-2521


Neil Quinto, Agent M19002690

Cell: (905) 869-3200
Email: neil@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521


Stephen Ruddick, Agent M08007187

Cell: (905) 975-0009
Email: steve@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 203


Colleen Saunders, Agent M08002736

Cell: (416) 459-2406
Email: Colleen@mfco.ca


Heather Strachan, Agent M16000806

Cell: (289) 213-5569
Email: mortgageinfo@heatherstrachan.com


Darren Thompson, Agent M17001997

Email: darren@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521


Ryan Toyota, Agent M17001798

Cell: (289) 983-7276
Email: rtoyota@mfco.ca
Office: 905-529-2521


Anthony Yorfido, Agent M19000910

Cell: (905) 834-9040
Email: clarkstreetrealty@outlook.com

549 Stone Church Road E, Hamilton, ON

Syed Ali, Agent M18002603

Cell: (905) 979-0937
Email: murshed@boldmortgagegroup.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521

Murshed joined Bold Mortgage Group in August of 2018 after 5 years of lending experience with Scotiabank. His banking knowledge allowed him to quickly adapt as a mortgage agent and he has become a key asset to the team. As an active real estate investor himself, Murshed brings a wealth of knowledge in a rapidly changing real estate market – allowing him to guide clients through each step of the real estate transaction. Murshed prides himself on his friendly, calming sensibilities and offers a comfortable space for his clients.


Kyle Jevons, Agent M15000022

Cell: (905) 870-5871
Email: kyle@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 114


Kyle joined Bold Mortgage Group in November 2021 after working along side the BMG team for the last several years. He brings with him 14 years of home financing experience. ⁠ Kyle is extremely dedicated and prides himself on his professional, honest advice and his exceptional level of customer service to his clients and partners. Kyle’s ultimate-goal is to provide his clients with a positive mortgage experience.⁠⁠


Jessica Leone, Agent M13002203

Cell: (905) 928-5197
Email: jessica@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 113


Jessica started her career with Scotiabank in 2009 where she developed a wealth of knowledge not only with mortgage financing but with investments and retirement planning as well. ⁠Jessica became an independent mortgage agent in 2013 and can now offer a variety of different mortgage solutions with multiple different lenders. ⁠She strives to find the best possible solution for her clients individual needs while at the same time providing excellent customer experience. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial mortgage financing and regardless of your financial situation, Jessica can offer flexible options and help you achieve your goals.⁠


Gail Oddi, Administrative Assistant

Email: gail@boldmortgagegroup.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521


Gail is an Administrative Assistant with the Bold Mortgage Group Team, she has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry working with a number of major banks.


Predrag Panic Agent M21004328

Email: predrag@boldmortgagegroup.com
Office: (289) 680-7500


Predrag has been in the banking industry since 2010. With over a decade of experience he has developed not only a passion for real estate lending but extensive knowledge on the topic as well.⁠ His knowledge, adaptability, and passion to help clients with their real estate needs have been a key factor to his success as a mortgage agent.⁠

Michel St. Pierre, Agent M19002450

Cell: (226) 920-5235
Email: michel@boldmortgagegroup.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521

Michel joined Bold Mortgage Group in November 2019 after leaving a 7 year career with Scotiabank. Over his career at Scotiabank, Michel developed a passion for real estate lending. Michel prides himself in his adaptability, knowledge, and customer focus. He brings over 5 years of lending experience to the team which allows him to deliver holistic solutions to his clients.


Cathy Pimental, Agent M17000069

Cell: (905) 923-0504
Email: cathy@boldmortgagegroup.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 110

Cathy joined Bold Mortgage Group in August 2016 after leaving her 17-year career with Scotiabank where she led one of the top mortgage teams in the country. Cathy has over 25 years of lending experience working with a diverse network of clients. Cathy enjoys the challenge of finding solutions for her clients, and prides herself on her exceptional customer service skills and calming nature to her clients.

She believes in overcoming any obstacle and exceeding her clients financing expectations.


Chloe Villers, Marketing and Administrative Coordinator

Email: chloe@boldmortgagegroup.com
Office: NA


Chloe is a Marketing and Administrative Coordinator with the Bold Mortgage Group Team. She is a Brock University Alumna with a degree in Marketing. She has experience working in various marketing roles where she prides herself in her creative and forward-thinking.

Brandon Woodward, Broker M14000075

Cell: (905) 536-9341
Email: brandon@boldmortgagegroup.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 110

Looking for something more entrepreneurial, Brandon left his career at Scotiabank in 2014 after 7 years to become a Mortgage Agent, where instant success seemed to come naturally. Brandon’s experience allows him to navigate complex real estate transactions very quickly. His attention to detail, knowledge and professionalism takes the stress out of the transaction ensuring a smooth closing for all parties involved. Brandon is also an active R.E.I.N. member where he continues to pursue his passion for real estate investing and share his experience with new investors.
234 Queen Street South, Hamilton

Julie Anderson, Agent M08002919

Cell: (905) 975-3678
Email: julie@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 104


Julie Anderson has been specializing in arranging mortgages since 1993. After graduating from McMaster university at the top of her class with an Honours BA, Julie immediately began her career in mortgages. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Julie has developed strong and reliable professional relationships with many lenders including banks, credit unions, trust companies and private lenders which help her provide a wide range of lending choices.

Julie’s ultimate goal is to help her clients by offering creative and comprehensive mortgage solutions best suited for each individual whether it be buying a dream home, doing renovations, purchasing investment properties or consolidating credit.

Julie enjoys helping people and has a genuine passion for her job as a Mortgage Agent.


Dani Dada, Agent M21001512

Cell: (905) 541-5651


Dani has over thirteen years of financial service and lending experience. As a financial advisor, branch manager and product manager, Dani was an established leader at some of the largest banks and credit unions in the country. After much of success in each of his roles, Dani welcomed the opportunity to become a mortgage agent to better serve his clients and fully accommodate their lending needs. With a focus on Hamilton, Niagara, Toronto and surrounding areas, Dani makes the financing process seamless. He has access to a large group of lenders and he will find you the best institution to help you achieve your goals.


Tina Flaherty, Agent M19002149

Cell: (905) 920-9794
Email: tina@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 204

Tina F

Tina is a licensed Mortgage Agent and brings a wealth of experience to her role. Having previously worked for a major insurance company and running a successful business for over 15 years, she is well-equipped to assist clients in finding the best mortgage options to meet their financial needs. Passionate and dedicated, Tina prioritizes excellent customer service and enjoys helping others.


Mark Harbour, Broker M08003192

Cell: (905) 512-5819
Email: mark@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 103

Mark H

Mark Harbour has been arranging mortgages since 1993.  With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Mark has professional relationships with many banks, credit unions, trust companies and private lenders. As a Mortgage Broker, Mark offers complete mortgage solutions suited for each individual borrower.

287 Main Street West, Hamilton

David Walman, Broker M08004248

Cell: (905) 520-2932
Email: dswalman@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 577-6100

David W

David is a highly experienced professional mortgage advisor and broker with over 30 years of experience. He has helped hundreds of home buyers and investors finance their homes and businesses. David takes pride in arranging the best possible deal available, depending on the circumstances. His ability to secure financing through institutional or private lenders allows him to meet all challenges, whether it is a purchase, refinance or debt consolidation. A significant majority of his business, 90%, comes from past clients or other professionals in the business.

1 Tranquility Street, Brantford

Daniel Brown, Agent M08003062

Cell: (519) 751-0818
Email: mortgagefinancialcorp@gmail.com
Office: (519) 751-3440

Dan Brown

Dan Brown is a highly experienced mortgage broker who has been a valued member of the Mortgage Financial Corporation (MFCO) team for over 20 years. Based out of the Brantford office, Dan has established himself as an asset to all his past clients, which has led to many referrals. His dedication to providing outstanding service and his ability to understand the unique needs of his clients has made him a trusted expert in the mortgage industry.

Dan has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to mortgages and is able to provide expert advice to home buyers and homeowners of all types. He specializes in finding the right solution to suit the individual needs of each of his clients. He takes the time to thoroughly understand their specific goals and financial situation, ensuring that they find a mortgage product that is tailored to their needs.

He has a deep understanding of the intricacies of the mortgage process and stays up-to-date with the latest market trends and policy changes, which allows him to provide the most comprehensive and personalized advice to his clients. Dan's friendly and approachable nature, paired with his extensive experience and expertise, make him an exceptional mortgage broker and an invaluable asset to the MFCO team.


Kim Mascarin, Administrator

Office: (519) 751-3440

Kim M

Kim is a valuable asset to the Brantford MFCO office. She is known for her caring and kind nature and is dedicated to helping all clients achieve their financial goals. She is committed to providing excellent service and goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients are satisfied. Her positive attitude and willingness to help make her a popular choice among clients.

Kimberly Hawes, Agent M15001607

Cell: (519)757-9780
Email: kimhawes@rogers.com


Vicki Johnson, Administrator

Office: (519) 751-3440

241 Wilson Street, E. Ancaster

Maria Checchia, Assistant to Franco Giglia

Cell: NA
Cell: (905) 529-2521ext 111
Email: maria@mfco.ca

Maria C

Maria has always been passionate about helping others, so when she decided to change careers and join Mortgage Financial Corporation in November 2021, she knew she was in the right place. A few short months later, Maria was fully licensed as a Mortgage Agent. Maria is excited to be a part of the team and to help people achieve their dreams of homeownership. Maria believes that being a Mortgage Agent is more than just numbers- it’s how well you connect with people. Maria knows that when it comes to mortgages, the details matter, and she is always happy to help her clients understand the process and make the best decision for their future. Maria is dedicated to providing the best care for her clients, and she always goes the extra mile to make sure they are happy with their mortgage solutions. She knows that a happy client is a repeat client, and she is determined to build lifelong relationships with them.


Franco Giglia, Broker M08003171

Email: frank@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 107

Frank G

Franco is a highly experienced mortgage broker who has been a valued member of the Mortgage Financial Corporation team for over 20 years. He has a unique ability to understand the needs of his clients and puts their goals at the forefront of all his efforts. Franco has extensive knowledge of the mortgage process and provides exceptional advice for all types of homeowners. His friendly and informative service sets him apart from other mortgage experts in the industry. Franco's many years of experience, attention to detail and unwavering commitment to his clients make him a valuable asset to the Mortgage Financial Corporation team and a go-to expert for anyone looking for comprehensive and personalized mortgage advice.


Fanni Molnar, Agent M11000916

Cell: (905) 746-8180
Email: fanni@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 200

Fanni M

Fanni started her career in 2008 by working for a high-volume broker where she learned the ropes of the mortgage industry. In 2010 she joined the Mortgage Financial Corporation team where she continued to develop her skills, becoming a licensed Mortgage Agent in 2011. Since then, Fanni has gained invaluable experience in the mortgage field with both institutional and private financing. Fanni prides herself on her ability to think outside the box, providing solutions and strategies for her clients to meet their current needs as well as their long-term future goals.


Daniel Tessaro, Agent M13000063

Cell: (905) 741-4454
Email: daniel@mfco.ca
Office: (905) 529-2521 EXT 209


Daniel is a Mortgage Broker at Mortgage Financial Corp, he joined the company in May 2018 and is based out of their Ancaster location. He has been working in the mortgage industry since 2013 and has had a passion for real estate for years before making his first investment purchase. With his wealth of knowledge and expertise, Daniel specializes in both institutional and private financing. He is able to navigate through the ever-changing mortgage market, and keep up with the constant policy changes, He helps his clients to find the right solution to suit their needs, providing an excellent mortgage experience.

Mallory Curtis, Agent M19002616

Cell: (289) 680-1828
Email: mallory@mfco.ca

Danielle Saunders, Agent M20001410

Cell: (289) 683-2974
Email: danielle@mfco.ca

Mortgage Financial Corporation serves clients across Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas, Waterdown, Burlington, Freelton, Binbrook, Grimsby, Stoney Creek and the entire surrounding area.